An activity pipeline is a series of activities performed in a predetermined order to deliver a final result.

Create a pipeline by chaining the activities with links between the activities.

Example: to dynamically link a checkout activity to a build activity:

In the MAIA Agent client software :

  1. Generate a uuid (universally unique identifier) from the environment.
  2. Check out a component (here OpenSSL) and initiate an activity in the WebApp.
  3. Save uuid as parent-uuid and generate a new uuid.
  4. Start building the component providing both the new uuid and the parent-uuid to initiate an activity and link to the previous activity - creating a basic pipeline.
uuid=$(cat /proc/sys/kernel/random/uuid)
bundle exec maia checkout --component openssl --track main --activity-uuid $uuid
parent_uuid=$uuid; uuid=$(cat /proc/sys/kernel/random/uuid)
bundle exec maia build --component openssl --parent-activity-uuid $parent_uuid --activity-uuid $uuid