Homepage is a link address to the project that produces the artifact's home page.

Vcs is a link address to the repository containing the artifact.

If one of the link addresses is:

  1. to a repository hosting service, and...
  2. the hosting service has an API, and...
  3. MAIA is integrated with the hosting service, ...

...then MAIA Software will be able to check the version status of the external artifact.

Homepage and Vcs are automatically set by the system (if possible). The Homepage link may be manually modified, but when upgrading the artifact, the Homepage for that version will be altered, disabling the previous modifications.

Alt. link is an alternate and manually inserted link address to the source, superseding Vcs and Hompage links. When adding the Alt. link, all versions registered in MAIA, current, previous and future, will have the Alt. link activated. A common and helpful situation for the use of Alt. link is when the artifact source links doesn't meet the requirements 1-3 above, but has a code mirroring site that does.

MAIA is prioritizing the links as follows:

  1. Alt. link
  2. Vcs
  3. Homepage